What to pack in your hospital bag

The day you have been waiting for has arrived and you’re about to go to hospital to have your baby. This is not a time when you want to be worrying about packing bags for yourself, your new baby and your birthing partner!

What to pack?

What to pack?

For You

Maternity notes and Birth Plan
Something comfy to wear in labour
Warm socks
Towel (dark coloured!)
Face cloth / facial spritzer
Hair bands, clips
Bach’s Rescue Remedy spray
Unscented massage oil
Bottle(s) of water
Straws for the water
Birth Music
TENS machine
Own pillow or pillowcase
Nightie / pyjamas & light dressing gown
Slippers / flip flops
Cheap cotton knickers
Large-size maternity pads
Nursing bra and breast pads
Book / magazines
Arnica homeopathy
Clothes to wear home

If you’re having a home birth it can be really useful to have your things in one place. It makes it easier for your midwife or birthing partner to find everything, instead of having to direct them around the house.

For your Birth Partner

Snacks / drinks
Clean top and pants
Camera and charger
Wash bag
Swimwear for birthing pool
Books / magazines
Money for car park machine
Mobile phone and charger
Own ipod and headphones
Paracetamol / other painkillers
Contact numbers of who to ring first

It’s a good idea to get the bags packed well in advance of your due date, getting your birth partner to pack the bag means they will know where everything is when you ask for it! 

For your Baby
Nappies and nappy sacks
Cotton wool or re-useable wipes
Vests x 3
Baby grows x 3
Scratch mittens
Lightweight blanket
Muslin square or two
Car seat
Depending on the weather, a coat or all in one to go home in

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