Weaning Worries

When to start introducing solid foods to your baby

Introducing your baby to solid foods should start when your baby is around six months old. Research shows that babies need nothing but breastmilk, or infant formula, for the first six months of life, this gives them all the nutrition they need. More importantly it also gives a baby’s digestive system time to develop so that they cope fully with solid foods.

It’s an exciting time for parents and babies and people are often keen to get started. It can also be a time of much confusion, especially as the guidance and advice has changed over the years.

So if you’re confused by conflicting advice, or you’re not quite sure where to start, our weaning workshop will be ideal for you.



At The Best Start® Weaning Workshop we explain everything you need to know about introducing your child to solid food, dispelling common myths and we also have some fun! Bring your baby along too.

What we cover on the workshop

* History of weaning, ages, guidance, myths
* Puree or baby led? Theory & research
* How to get started, what you do and don’t need
* Brief rationale behind the baby led weaning philosophy
* Common questions
* Knowing when to refer to a health visitor/GP

All workshops are held at The Premier Inn, Salterhebble, Halifax.
£20 per person or £35 per couple/ family

• Saturday 14th May 9.30am – 12.30pm
• Saturday 25th June 9.30am – 12.30pm

For more details and to book your place contact Andrea on 07711 964658 or andrea@thebeststart.co.uk

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