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Andrea Wallman is the creator of ‘The Best Start’ and is mum to two boys, aged 11 & 8. After previously working in education with hard to reach and vulnerable groups, Andrea’s experiences during her birth and new mothering journey lead her to consider a new path. After a relatively straight forward birth with Jake, […]

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Making an Informed Decision

An informed decision is a voluntary, well considered decision that an individual (or a couple) make on the basis of different options, knowledge, information and understanding. Any sort of decision can be difficult, but making informed decisions during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting is complex and has many layers (Goldberg, 2009:35). Even when given the pros, cons and alternatives there are many other factors and barriers, which can influence how an individual, or couple, make a decision.
There is no right or wrong way and what works for one person may not work for another, as individuals have different beliefs, circumstances and experiences that they draw on when making a decision. (more…)

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